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Our History

Cworld Educational Consulting is an organization that is professional and exclusively focused on the practice of providing education consultation services in processes of learning institute admissions in the USA, AUSTRALIA and the UK. Under the extensive education services, we provide quality counselling in selecting preferred universities and colleges to students based on the talents and needs of students. To support and coordinate education promotions, we hold admission fair and exhibition when by need and vision of our students. Best universities, most affordable cause and professional bodies which are the most important for international students, our team is right here to meet all the demands of students We also provide help and guidance in procedures of course applications, processing of visa, informing students on abroad studies and foreign policies on matters regarding education. Cworld education consulting has been providing dedicated consultation services based on high professional standards in the field of higher learning as we give support to our team members in expertly guiding students to get their right fit of colleges and various courses.

Our Mission

Cworld Education Consulting has a sole vision to impact the high quality service to our student for fulfilling their dreams and will set challenging standards leading to an overall development in the studying abroad sector. Being one of the established networks in the field of independent consultation for education, we are focused to exclusively provide proper guidance and consultations among students in the search for their college of choice and for their desired courses. With Through our highly qualified personnel, we create greater access to opportunities to our members with an aim of changing lives. Our highly professional leadership team; providing quality, ethical and professional service to student, we develop and demonstrate our innovative and leading edges approach to creating and delivering the right solution.


Decisions are big, critical and confusing choices. Getting the right understanding, affordability and the right fit is something which can prove to be so enormously challenging for families and students. Through our highly motivated, engaged, ethical and experienced consultants, we will provide the best options, planning, financial requirements and the countries for the abroad study program. We are commitment on building international bridge and supporting lifelong learning interested students and their parents should contact us to find more about remarkable opportunities for studying abroad. With more than 25 years of experience, we have the resources and experience to provide what student want and need in pursuing their dream to study abroad, and to safe good their welfare around the world.


Cworld Education Consulting is a part of global network that focus on the betterment of student and helps them to achieve their academic objective. We work with various partner around the globe in facilitating access to inform our students with various services consulting the studying abroad program. Our staff members spend lengthy time doing research of learning institutes internationally and Visiting established institutes of learning as we also welcome representatives of college into our Societies. We are very much aware that when consultants and learning institutes collaborate, it all accrues to benefit students.